When hiring Top Nest real estate agents, you are getting nothing but the best. What sets a Top Nest agent from the rest?

1. Unique Marketing

We know what’s required when selling a house. You will be amazed by all we do to attract buyers to your home. We’ll develop a unique marketing plan for your property to set it apart from your local marketplace and attract buyers. Top Nest will create a media frenzy by posting your home on numerous real estate sites, directing marketing, neighborhood calling, and outreach to our large database of pre-approved buyers.

2. Online Presence

Top Nest’s internet marketing team creates cutting-edge internet marketing campaigns, e-marketing, social media campaigns, and personalized or agent branding. Customized email blasts for targeted demographics promote your property and open houses. Properties are also shared with thousands of followers on Top Nest’s social channels.

3. Pricing

Top Nest agents are highly trained in obtaining the best possible price for your property. We have created a one of a kind Price Trend Tracker that demonstrates where the market is and where we are taking it. We are not only selling properties, but we are creating record sales. When you hire a Top Nest agent, we watch the market and determine how your property stands out against the competition. It is our job to make sure we have positioned your property at a price to drive significant traffic to it to create the best climate for multiple buyers to make offers. That’s why we recommend asking prices to be based on real transactions, recent listings, and selling prices of homes in your neighborhood.

4. Photography

High-quality pictures are essential to marketing a property. Our real estate company has experienced real estate photographers who take beautiful photos of each listing and work with the agent to show the home in its best light. These photos are then delivered directly to the graphic design team for the creation of email and print campaigns.

5. Open House Program

We at Top Nest highly encourage our clients and agents to participate in the open house program. We truly feel that the open house program is a major benefit to getting your home exposed to potential buyers. Doing the open house is just one of the stages that we perform. We have a series of precise steps that a Top Nest agent performs before and after each open house, from calling the neighborhood before and inviting neighbors to the open house to following up with all interested prospects directly afterwards. Our complete program is guaranteed to produce results.