I highly recommend Carlos Torres Of Top Nest Inc.

If you are looking to buy in the NYC area, I highly recommend Carlos Torres Of Top Nest Inc. Here is our story in brief, our daughter was planning her move to New York from Maryland and we did an extensive research on the pros and cons of hiring a broker. We found that contacting owners off of Zillow, Trulia, and other platforms directly wasn’t so productive, as most times we never received a call or email regarding the homes my daughter was interested in. I called a realtor who referred us to Carlos Torres and that was the best choice we made. Carlos is very honest, upfront, personable, and prompt in returning calls, text or emails. He went above and beyond his duties to insure that our daughter specific requests were met. Our situation also required an out of state guarantor, which further complicated the search for a home. Carlos met with us twice, the first time to view homes in Brooklyn, Queens, and Harlem and the second meeting was to view in Mid Town West and Upper West Side. Each viewing was on point, and our requests were met. Carlos will not run you around on a wild goose chase as he leads you through the list of viewings in an orderly and timely fashion. Every horror story you have ever heard about NYC brokers will be put well to rest, if you work with NYC’s best broker, Carlos Torres.

Nick and Jenny Tash