I ended up in Brooklyn and I love it!

Mr. Carlos Torres from Top Nest Inc. helped me with purchasing my first home, though it may be a coop, to him he definitely made it feel like a home. I was looking to buy in Brooklyn, but his knowledge of New York made me see other options, and even though we had various appointments throughout NYC he didn’t give up on me. I saw it in him as more of a challenge and it kept him going until I found my home. I ended up in Brooklyn and I love it! Carlos made me feel as if I was family and he was definitely looking out for me and my best interests. He exudes patience, perseverance, hard work, and the ability to never give up. He made sure I had no doubts or “what if’s” when I purchased my home, and I am forever grateful for Carlos and his professionalism. I would definitely recommend Carlos to ANYONE finding their home or next big investment as he will definitely make sure you make the right choice. Be on the lookout because this guy will be one of New York’s finest agents.

Paula B.