top-nest-listThere are few things about selling your home that will be easy, and getting that phone call about the last minute showing in less than an hour is certainly not one of them. When your real estate agent calls promising to be at your home with some last minute potential buyers within the hour, don’t panic. Keep the following tips in mind to make last minute showings one of the easy things you’ll be dealing with during the process of selling your home.


One of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to anticipate that a last minute showing simply will happen. As soon as your home has the potential of being shown, change up your daily routine to keep your home nice and tidy. Make your bed as soon as you get up, and instruct your children to do the same. Have a special place for each household member’s laundry, such as a hamper, and try to keep the kitchen from being overloaded with dirty dishes. With these projects already taken care of when that call comes in, you can focus your attention on daily messes and our other helpful tips.

Look Down

It may seem counterintuitive to focus your attentions on your floors when a potential buyer is not likely to be looking down the whole time, but a clean floor can make even a cluttered or dusty space feel significantly cleaner. A home could be absolutely spotless except for a floor covered in crumbs, dirt, and stains, and it will still feel dirty to potential buyers. Be sure to sweep, mop, and vacuum as needed.

Tidy Up

Lastly, be sure to tidy up any cluttered areas, pick up children’s toys, take out the garbage in every room that has one, load dirty dishes into the dishwasher, clear the entryway of coats and shoes, and maybe even do a bit of dusting. Clear your kitchen counters of clutter, close all toilet lids, turn the lights on in your home, and turn off all televisions. Lastly, be sure to put away any energetic animals who may jump on your potential buyers. You don’t want to lose a potential offer just because the buyers were put off by your overly friendly pup.

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