Selling a home is never an easy endeavor, especially when buyers’ first reactions upon pulling up are less than positive. If you’ll be selling your home soon or are currently wondering why your property is still sitting on the market, be sure to consider your home’s curb appeal. Be the buyer for a moment, and put yourself on your front curb, looking at the front façade of your house. Would you want to buy this house based on this first impression? Even such a small thing as dirty house numbers can put off potential buyers. Keep reading for three simple tricks for maximizing your home’s curb appeal.

house numbersInvest in new, BIG house numbers.

Imagine pulling up to a house you could potentially buy only to struggle to find it in the first place because the numbers are too difficult to read. Squinting at dingy house numbers doesn’t exactly say “welcome home.” If the numbers on your home are dingy, rusty, chipped, or too small to be read clearly from the street, consider replacing them with new, big, easy-to-read, and clean ones.

porchRevitalize your porch.

A common mistake made by homeowners trying to sell is to neglect the porch space. When selling a home, every space has value and should be presented at its best. The front porch is the first real “living” space your potential buyers will see, and they can see it without entering the home, so ensure that it is inviting. This may require a new coat of paint or wood stain or may simply mean replacing a dated light fixture. Add a couple of comfortable porch chairs or other outdoor furniture to show your potential buyers just how much potential your home has.

short fenceFence in your front yard.

If your front yard is open to the street, consider putting in a short fence. Not only will this fence bring a homey feeling to the property, but it will also make the home seem more separated from the rest of the street, which gives potential buyers the sense that it is more private. A short fence at the front of a small yard can also make the grassy space appear bigger.

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