top nest 1Welcome to Top Nest, your leading real estate company offering real estate solutions to both buyers and sellers in the Brooklyn and Manhattan areas. Whether you’re looking to buy or to sell within New York City, the seasoned real estate agents at Top Nest have the experience, knowledge, resources, and commitment to top quality service that you’re looking for.

Why let Top Nest help me reach my real estate goals?

  • We can assist with buying, selling, investing, purchasing land, developing, and financing.
  • Top Nest connects you with both residential and commercial real estate.
  • We develop unique and effective marketing plans for each property we sell.
  • Our one-of-a-kind Price Trend Tracker ensures the best possible sale price.
  • Our amazing staff includes experienced real estate photographers.
  • We offer a precise and effective open house program.

Selling Your Property Through Top Nest

When you sell a property through the agents at Top Nest, you’ll be provided with a state-of-the-art marketing program that will be tailored specifically to your property as well as to the current research and analysis of the ever-evolving marketplace. We’ll discover excellence in the smallest details and features of your property, provide up-to-the-minute market insight reports, and create a media frenzy surrounding your property. Visit here to learn about the Top Nest Experience.   

Buying (or Renting) A Property Through Top Nest

Our website makes it simple and easy to search for property no matter what you’re looking for. We have you covered whether you’re new to the area and want to learn more about the neighborhoods, you are looking at houses for sale, or you’re looking for a rental. Simply search for what you’re looking for, or contact Top Nest directly.

Top Nest Real Estate Agents

The agents at Top Nest understand that no two clients are alike and that the same is true regarding properties. With distinguished individual backgrounds and a shared dedication to collaboration, our well-rounded and seasoned agents offer leading real estate solutions. They know what it takes to attract buyers to a home, and they know how to ensure buyers end up with the homes of their dreams.

Are you ready to start looking at houses for sale in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or surrounding areas? Do you have a property within our area that you want to put on the market? Contact Top Nest, and we’ll help you attain all of your real estate goals.