top-nest-maxmize-living-spaceLiving in Brooklyn is exciting, fast-paced, and fun, but it can also be cramped. If you’re looking at houses for sale with small square footage in the Brooklyn area or struggle to maximize your current tiny living space, keep reading for some tips on how to make the most of your limited living space. Here at Top Nest, our real estate agents are experienced experts ready to help you with any aspect of the buying or selling process.




Three Tips To Maximize A Small Living Space

woman-on-laptop-in-loftDon’t Be Afraid To Let Go

You may be lucky enough to have a natural organizational talent, but many of us struggle with neatness and finding a place for everything. If you find that you just can’t find a place for all of your stuff, consider getting rid of some of your belongings. When you live in a smaller space, less belongings becomes a quick reality. Avoid duplicates when you can. For example, you likely only need one pair of scissors and one roll of tape at a time, so having a drawer full of pairs of scissors is a waste of space. Go through your cord cabinet, your junk drawer, and “random stuff” box, and eliminate the things you don’t need from your space. It will also be important to keep this in mind when you bring new things into the space. For example, if you decide on a new coffeemaker for your kitchen, give away or sell your old one.

room-dividerThink Vertically & Multi-Purpose

When designing rooms, many people consider the space from a horizontal perspective, focusing on the floor. This makes sense to an extent. Beds, sofas, coffee tables, and dining tables all cover a lot of floor space, but thinking vertically will broaden your opportunities, especially for storage. Instead of looking at your room as a two-dimensional space, consider all of the space from floor to ceiling as useable. Consider how you might separate the space with tall shelves or a tall cabinet; consider built-ins; consider fold-up furniture, such as wall mounted folding beds, fold out sofas, and fold out tables; and opt for multi-purpose furniture, such as a couch or chair with built-in storage.

kayakShare Large Belongings

One of the most frustrating things about living in a small space can be the lack of storage for larger items, especially if those items aren’t usable all year round, such as a snowboard, kayak, lawn mower, etc. Just because you can’t use these items year round doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice them. To find space for your larger belongings, try shared ownership of some of these larger items. Belongings, such as camping equipment, large sporting equipment, and lawn care and gardening equipment can be shared with a neighbor, reducing the space you both need to store all of your belongings.

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