If you’ve been looking into the Brooklyn real estate market with buying intentions, you likely already understand the importance of checking out certain things about houses for sale before purchasing. Factors like structural stability, potential pest problems, and roofing concerns are just a few of the typical concerns potential homebuyers tend to have. All of these things are important, to be sure, but there are many other factors to consider that may not directly relate to the soundness of the home but may significantly impact your lifestyle.

Two Factors to Consider Before You Buy

top-nest-factor-1In which direction do the windows face?

Which direction your windows face may seem inconsequential during the homebuying process, but just one window that faces the sun at the wrong time can cause significant disruptions to your lifestyle. Before you step into a home you are viewing, orient yourself by finding north, south, east, and west, and remember these directions when you go inside. The bedroom windows that face east may be the perfect setup for you, the sun rising into your window every morning. On the other hand, if you work nights and sleep during the day, an east-facing window is probably not ideal. Consider your lifestyle and how much you value natural light, and compare the home to see if it’s a good match or not.

top-nest-factor-2Will the home’s electrical system work for me?

For some of us, electricity is necessary for just about everything we do. We spend our days in front of our laptops, enjoy spending hours watching our favorite television shows and films, and rely on the internet to play video games and stay up-to-date on social media. Others of us enjoy time spent outdoors gardening, fishing, or even taking photos of our picturesque neighborhoods. Still others spend a lot of time indoors with just one or two lights on while we read, sew, paint, or work out. In truth, most of us probably enjoy a little bit of something from all of these categories. The key is to analyze your lifestyle, your habits, and your hobbies to decide if a home’s electrical system will work for you. For example, a place that has only two power outlets per room may not suit your needs if you own more than four electronics, but someone who uses less electricity may not even notice.

Keep these factors in mind when viewing homes for sale to end up in a space that is ideal for your lifestyle, and stay tuned for part two and two more factors. If you need help with the buying process, the real estate agents at Top Nest would love the opportunity to work with you. You can get in touch with us online.