The Company

Top Nest is the brainchild of Jerry Tenenbaum, who envisioned a full-service real estate office offering only the best to its clients. A real estate company, regardless of its size, is only as good as the leadership and real estate agents that are working for you and with you. We set out to create the best company of trained professional agents that would provide the kind of service clients expected and deserved but rarely received. Top Nest’s philosophy is that our clients always come first, and we always go above and beyond to make sure that their needs are constantly met.

Top Nest has cultivated a team of seasoned experts with a singular proficiency in customizing a unique experience for all of our clients. Our distinguished individual backgrounds, coupled with a culture based on the concepts of collaborative integration, cooperation, and partnership, we deliver a fresh vision to sales and marketing. Top Nest is your direct link to exceptional residential and commercial real estate throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. Top Nest Inc. is an innovative leader amongst both other residential and other commercial real estate companies. All Top Nest agents strive to provide clients with uncompromising, personalized, and committed service. “Exceptional service, exceptional loyalty, and outstanding results” is not just our motto; it’s our mission as well.


Top Nest has demonstrated their leadership abilities and constantly keep abreast of the ever changing Brooklyn real estate market. That high level of professionalism is maintained through Top Nest’s extensive agent training program. Top Nest is dedicated to being on the cutting edge of technological advancement for real estate sales. Top Nest Inc. is a thriving, successful company, but with that success comes a responsibility to the community it serves. The people of Top Nest Inc. never forget their responsibilities and regularly strive to give back to the community they serve. Top Nest has set the standards for performance, integrity, and service, by which other top tier real estate companies measure themselves. Top Nest prides itself on providing clients with honest and informed advice, while working together to establish amazing products and achieve performance benchmarks that are both rigorous and attainable. Top Nest is uniquely qualified to provide insight and strategy for high-profile clients and development projects.


Top Nest provides a “state-of-the-art” marketing program designed specifically for today’s complicated marketplace. The professionals at Top Nest know they must create an emotional interest in a home, making it stand out among others by highlighting the special features and improvements. Top Nest embraces the importance of creative branding and eliciting an emotional response to real estate among buyers. We believe that excellence is often found in the smallest details – the amenities that no other property offers, design that is both inspired and functional, and expertly devised creative collateral. We believe that a strong foundation in research and analysis is key to all sound decision-making in real estate; our dedicated research team provides up-to-the-minute market insight reports to keep our clients and sales professionals current in an ever-evolving marketplace. Our proprietary CMA platform provides a ‘real-time’ information portal that keeps our clients informed about work-in-progress, sales traffic and lead sources, and client management reports.